The community of Christ the King is invited to participate in a local project that attempts to alleviate homelessness by hosting homeless families in Christian parishes around the valley this summer. Family Promise does one thing  . . . they rescue families experiencing homelessness and through a community-based solution help transform their lives and return them to independence.

Homelessness has a staggering negative impact on children. Homeless children get sick 4 times more often than housed kids; 47% of homeless children have mental health problems versus 18% of regular kids; and, homeless children are 34 times more likely to end up in foster care, given up or taken away from their parents due to homelessness.
The positive news is that children overcome these negative effects of homelessness with supportive intervention.

With Father Rolyn’s support, we have been invited to house up to 3-4 families in Presentation Hall between July 14 and July 28. We are in the process of soliciting the necessary air mattresses, bedding and room dividers to offer dignity and privacy to the family members that we anticipate inviting to dinner and a safe night’s sleep for these three weeks.

Sister Patricia Gehling and I have agreed to co-coordinate this project. We are now recruiting volunteers to assist with preparing the evening meal, offer fellowship during the evening and seeking one to two adults to sleep overnight.

Training will be provided and support will be available throughout the two weeks.
All family members are picked up at 5:30 am and bussed to the Family Promise offices that provide job placement assistance, showers and other services during the day.

As a result of the efforts of Family Promise staff and volunteers, seventy percent (70%) of family members will graduate into sustainable housing within 60 days, and the majority of parents (92% in 2018) will be employed within 30 days of entrance.

We anticipate this project will allow us, adults and children, to share our skills and resources with families that are truly in need.
If you are interested in volunteering to assist with any of the tasks listed above between July 14 and 28,

please contact
Sister Patricia at 480-844-4463
Deacon Neil at

Thank you,
Sister Patricia Gehling
and Deacon Neil Tift

For more information on Family Promise, please visit their website at