The  Advent Giving Tree Program is underway. You will find Angel Tags on the trees at the back of the Church for children – ages 0 to 14. We invite you to take one or more Angel Tags and provide the gifts requested.

Just a reminder: each tag is for a specific child.  Please, do not let your children take Angel Tags from the trees. If a tag is taken and the gift for that tag is not returned, the child it is for will not receive that gift. Please, help to ensure that every child has a wonderful Christmas.

If you select an Angel Tag requesting a gift card, you can purchase the gift card through the school’s ScripToGo Gift Card Program, so Christ the King School will benefit as well as the child the gift card is for.

Please bring the gifts no later than December 15th. The gifts will be distributed to the families by Saturday, December 21, 2019. Thank you very much for your support.